Harvard Web Publishing's mission is to provide cost-effective and sustainable web publishing solutions that promote brand consistency and quality standards for the Harvard community through the implementation of scalable, user-centered technology with responsive, multi-level customer service and support.

We aspire to be an organization that provides innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations and strengthen Harvard's brand through multiple levels of support and service and an organization that nurtures a collaborative, transparent culture for ourselves and our customers.


Harvard Web Publishing started as a three-year initiative in early 2012. Our goal was to make it easier for the University community to build and maintain effective, affordable websites.

HWP is composed of a cross-departmental team to leverage Harvard’s strengths in digital communication, web development, and service delivery. Our staff comes from Harvard Public Affairs & Communications (HPAC), The Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences (IQSS), and Harvard University Information Technology Academic Technology (HUIT).