Harvard Web Publishing provides innovative solutions, outstanding customer service, and collaborative relationships with the Harvard community that strengthen Harvard's brand through multiple levels of support and service. From big projects to small consultation engagements (see our portfolio), we're ready to help you with your web publishing needs.

Have you heard? The User Experience Design Team now offers UX and accessibility professional services! Contact us to learn more.

Web Development

Website Implementation

Our services include project planning, business analysis, requirements gathering, assessment, design, and website building. We begin by helping you determine user goals for your site, and provide recommendations for building a website that helps your users accomplish those goals.

General Consultation

General Consulting

Not sure how to get started with web publishing, and what's available to you? Contact us for a consultation and we’ll help you assess your website needs. We'll review your business and communications requirements and suggest an approach best suited to your needs.



Get started quickly! Harvard Web Publishing provides training aimed at individuals who are new to web building, as well as personalized training sessions for your team or department.

User Research

User Research

Ever wonder how users actually interact with your website? The UX Design team can help you with your usability and accessibility testing. We can also suggest tools and best practices for user research, user experience, and user interfaces.



Our UX Design Team creates designs based on your needs and style preferences. We can help with enhancements to an existing site, to providing a completely new visual design based on your needs.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Our team of experts bring user-centered design capabilities and industry experience to your project. Our strategists and analysts assess your site's content to identify a better content strategy and user experience, while optimizing for usability and findability.


Accessibility Assessment

Harvard Web Publishing is committed to creating accessible sites for everybody. Sites designed for accessibility are more responsive, easier to update, ensure a consistent look and feel across browsers & platforms, are optimized for search engines, reach the widest possible audience, and stay ahead of an evolving web.


Quality Assurance

Harvard Web Publishing can provide you with the tools to identify, locate and prioritize the repair of broken links and misspellings needed to protect your website’s credibility.


Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics helps you understand which parts of your website are performing well. Harvard Web Publishing can help you set up and configure Google Analytics for your website, build dashboards, and help you understand web traffic events and metrics.